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Explaining what a moped is, we invite you to an extraordinary journey to our exhibition created from true passion, where you will find exhibits with the features of a bicycle and a motorcycle. The entire exhibition fits in the intriguing atmosphere and decor of the “land of drawers”, where visitors can open and close the drawers themselves, discovering the history of mopeds from all over Europe and Asia, 14 countries in total.

Where does the moped come from?

The 1930s and 1940s: the 1930s were the beginnings of mopeds which, based on a bicycle with an internal combustion engine with a capacity of up to 100 cm3 (most manufacturers used a capacity of 98 cm3), were called “hundreds”. During this period, you did not need to be licensed to drive these vehicles.
The years 1950-1960:  were 50 cc mopeds (the so-called “pedals”), ie constructions with a pedal-assisted combustion engine, which were also used for firing.
Since 1969, mopeds appear in the name again.


Are you wondering where the idea for such an exhibition came from?

One evening, two mature men met, one loved bicycles, the other motorbikes. Their passions and interests reconciled mopeds. Once upon a time, having a moped meant attraction, especially to the opposite sex. And that was our dream!                                                                                    MEN

What was the key to choosing mopeds?
The inspiration was the years 50-60, perfect design and functionality, modernity for those times. The first mopeds purchased were Garelli Mosquito and Bianchi. We were interested in the history of the places where they were created, incl. in large car concerns of the future (Auto Union – Volkswagen Group – vintage + Mors !!!) and so we started to pursue the topic. Each moped has a fascinating history.                        EXPLORERS

Are the vehicles on display ready for travel?
We strive to ensure that all mopeds are technically operational. This is a very tedious and difficult job that takes time. The entire Polish moped collection has been restored and is ready to go.                                                                                                                                           MECHANICS

Who repaired mopeds?
Passionate, fascinated by a motorcycle, cyclist, two-wheeler, freedom-loving.                                                                                            I

How did you look for them?
Stock markets, auctions, trips abroad, flea markets, we came alone, friends helped. They came to us from all over the world. We would also like to thank the people who helped us in this: Waldek, Józef, Król, Władek, Mirek, Tadziu and others.                                                              SEARCHERS

We present a few models that can be admired at the exhibition.

Batavus Super Sport

Lata produkcji1962
Moc1.9 KM
Prędkość max40km/h
Masa własna70kg

Żak MR2E Lux

Lata produkcji1960 - 63
Moc2 KM
Prędkość max50km/h
Masa własna52kg

DKW Hummel Sport

Lata produkcji1956 - 58
Moc1.35 KM
Prędkość max40km/h
Masa własna61kg

Honda P50

Lata produkcji1966 - 68
Moc1.2 KM
Prędkość max40km/h
Masa własna45kg

Jawa Stadion S22

Lata produkcji1960 - 64
ProdukowanyMotor Ceske Budejovice
Moc1.5 KM
Prędkość max48km/h
Masa własna48kg

Komar 2330

Lata produkcji1969 - 72
ProdukowanyZjednoczone Zakłady Rowerowe w Bydgoszczy
Moc1.4 KM
Prędkość max40km/h
Masa własna50kg
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